Watch My Book In 10 Minutes – Read It For Me Preview

Robert Cialdini wrote a book that has helped me write better, develop effective offers and generate more revenue for my company and my customers. I recommend the book frequently. In fact, you may be one of the people I recommended it to.

But what if I hadn’t read it?

Even though it changed the way I work, I only read it once. Why is that?

It’s because there is a pile of recommended books on my bookshelf. My Amazon wish list is full of important books.

It’s because there is a pile of books sitting on my nightstand, half read and some not started.

And it’s because I don’t have the habit of reading during the day when I’m responding to others’ needs.

Despite all of this, I just read it again.

I just got a complete refresher on Cialdini’s Influence: Science and Practice.

It took eleven minutes of my day.

This is the power of video and a service called Read It For Me. Read It For Me summarized Chiladini’s eight principles. They did it in a format I can use during the day. It’s the kind of break you want to take during a busy day.

Safer than Youtube. More productive than checking email. Again and again.

It’s not the same as reading the whole book. However, it is far far better than not reading it at all.

Don’t buy my book. You can get an 11-minute summary on Read It For Me. I would much rather you hear my message in a video than not read my book, even if you already bought it.

I pay for my Read It For Me subscription, even though I’m one of their authors. It’s not expensive, and it’s too important.

For the complete video and so much more go to

Check out their amazing style

Want to see an example? Watch the intro to the video they did for my book. Then head over and sign up for a free month of Read It For Me.

You’ll find Robert Cialdini, Dan Kennedy, Chip and Dan Heath, Seth Godin, Keith Farrazzi, and even pesky upstarts like Machiavelli. Read It For Me is the way busy business people become great business people — and great people. Malcolm Gladwell. Patrick Lencioni. These are some of the authors who helped make me who I am.

Do the free trial and just try to keep yourself from “reading” more books than you ever thought possible.