I got a VHS video tape in the mail. Yes, a VHS. [Grasshopper Video]

That’s right. In 2013, I got a VHS tape FedEx’d to me. In the cheesiest font, the label read:

“So you want to be an ENTREPRENUER”

2013-10-01 20.54.58

I’d never heard of the person who sent it to me, one Ted Gantry of “Training Video Series.”

At this point, I’m thinking, either this is a really bad or really good come on.

I couldn’t resist.

For on the back of the tape was a PostIt note: “No VCR Player? playvhs.com.” Malware be damned, I was going to visit.

I couldn’t even wait to get home. Here’s what I got on my phone.

2013-10-01 21.04.11

More intriguing still, but no real clues as to why it was sent.

I hit play and was treated to a Dollar Shave style video that worked.


Who was it from?

It was from my virtual PBX company Grasshopper.com. But this wasn’t clear until the end of the video.

I watched. And you will, too.

I’m already a paying customer of Grasshopper. Why would they send this to me? Probably because they though I might write this and share it with you.

They were right. The VHS and Grasshopper video are Social Content Marketing at it’s best.


Thanks Grasshopper. You’ve made me a customer for life.



11 Replies to “I got a VHS video tape in the mail. Yes, a VHS. [Grasshopper Video]”

  1. Hey Brian —

    I got the same VHS … well, actually it was a DIFFERENT VHS, but it was just like the one you got.

    Loved it! Kept it! And am considering becoming a customer.

    Have you enjoyed your experience with them? If so, I’ll sign up soon.

    — Jamie

  2. Hi, let’s not give credit where credit is not due. Grasshopper’s videos (save for maybe one of them) do NOT go viral (check the views of each of them). Their co-founder Siamak (the self-annointed ‘one man marketing division’) has no sense of humor (let alone real marketing talent), so no humor translates into the video. Grasshopper has spent a LOT of wasted marketing dollars trying to be the next Geico. They don’t understand marketing and they’ll never reveal their true cost of acquisition of each customer. They got lucky, they’re a middling virtual PBX provider (NOT an ‘entrepreneur’s destination’), and that’s really all.

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