I got a VHS video tape in the mail. Yes, a VHS. [Grasshopper Video]

That’s right. In 2013, I got a VHS tape FedEx’d to me. In the cheesiest font, the label read:

“So you want to be an ENTREPRENUER”

2013-10-01 20.54.58

I’d never heard of the person who sent it to me, one Ted Gantry of “Training Video Series.”

At this point, I’m thinking, either this is a really bad or really good come on.

I couldn’t resist.

For on the back of the tape was a PostIt note: “No VCR Player? playvhs.com.” Malware be damned, I was going to visit.

I couldn’t even wait to get home. Here’s what I got on my phone.

2013-10-01 21.04.11

More intriguing still, but no real clues as to why it was sent.

I hit play and was treated to a Dollar Shave style video that worked.


Who was it from?

It was from my virtual PBX company Grasshopper.com. But this wasn’t clear until the end of the video.

I watched. And you will, too.

I’m already a paying customer of Grasshopper. Why would they send this to me? Probably because they though I might write this and share it with you.

They were right. The VHS and Grasshopper video are Social Content Marketing at it’s best.


Thanks Grasshopper. You’ve made me a customer for life.



Content Marketing Mistakes, And How to Avoid Them

We have a great guest post over on Conversion Scientist from Brittany at Powered by Search, and we definitely wanted to share it with you.

It’s no secret that content marketing is a huge resource for leads. But before you start writing that e-book, churning out those blog posts, and designing those infographics, ask yourself a very important question; How am I going to optimize this to ensure I generate leads?

Hubspot snapshot CTAs
We don’t want to give anything away, but here’s this teaser: Hubspot is the master of the blog CTA.

Brittany will break down the main downfalls of content marketing and show you the best way to avoid them. Commonly (and perhaps overly) used phrases like “content is king” can help convey the importance of creating content, but fails to include the importance of solid content marketing.

She also talks about the need for quality content, and avoiding the use of tons of mediocre content to get leads. As with shoes, friends, and fried chicken, content is all about quality over quantity.

Head over to The Conversion Scientist to read the entire article HERE.

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Brandscaping for Content Marketing Bigger Budgets and Faster Results [INFOGRAPH]

One of the best books I’ve read this year is Brandscaping by Andrew Davis.

However, Davis gave the audience at Content Marketing World a nice overview of the concepts he champions in the book, concepts that can fundamentally change the success of your brand today and in the coming years.

Here is my Instagraph of his presentation to warm you up. Watch this space for a complete review and watch Amazon to get your own copy.

Andrew Davis Branscaping Content Marketing World Instagraph

Click to Enlarge


Content Marketing Secrets from 29 People Who Should Know

Business content can be fun and educational. Here’s the proof.

TopRank and The Content Marketing Institute have teamed up with 27 smart marketers to put together a notebook of tips and tricks for marketers.

This is serious stuff. By “serious” I mean “seriously can help,” not “seriously boring.”

If you don’t read the 29 secrets eBook, that’s OUR fault.

If you don’t read it, your problems won’t be solved, you won’t see us as brilliant and helpful people, and you certainly won’t buy our books, read our other offerings or hire us to help you dominate the Web.

In other words, no one wins when the content is safe conservative business-speak boring. Think about that when looking at your site.

The folks at TopRank are trying. Here are some of my favorite agents:

Pam Didner #5: “Find your content dream team.”

I talk about building your “Markishing Department” in my new book.

Jim Kukral #9: “Write a book.”

I like this because the hard part is over. The book is launching September 5 at Content Marketing World.

Waynette Tubbs #12: “It’s About Them”

Unexpected Formula #1: Your opinion doesn’t matter.

Julie Fleischer #15: “Serve Needs”

We have an amazing ability to provide a service through our websites. They are actually software programs. Did you know that?

C. C. Chapman #16: “Speak Human”

Just puts a “!” on my point above. Human mans not boring.

Chris Baggott #20: “Blog to Email”

I talk about the blogcano eruption in my book. Love this tip.

Andrew Davis #22: “Your content marketing mission is to find talent. Talent that already has an audience

Lee Odden #28: “Be Amazing”

If for no other reason than because you are.

Yes, I’m in there, too. I don’t know how this line got in there or what I was thinking.

“It even works for content
that is great.”

Give me your interpretation in the comments.