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How to be a Statistically Significant Marketer [Audio]

by Brian Massey on August 22, 2014

When you start asking good questions about your statistical significance as a marketer, you’ve got a winning combination that will begin to lead you to meaningful results. So, what are a couple of good questions that you can use to help you become statistically significant as a digital marketer? Question 1: Are the results I’m […]


After your company has spent marketing dollars to drive inbound calls to your doorstep, the worst thing that can happen is to have your sales team deal with those leads ineffectively. It’s like fumbling the ball on the 5-yard line, and it equates to dollars down the toilet. It would take a nauseating number of […]


How to Throw a Great Twitter Chat

by Brian Massey on August 1, 2014

It’s a webinar in 140 character headlines. It’s a speech given in silent sound bites. It’s short attention span theater. And you’re going to learn a lot. We call it a Twitter Chat. Since we have only 140 characters, I would call it a Chitter or Chitt or a Twittat or TwiCh. I’m sure there […]


Why, oh why do people bounce away from my landing page? Surely some of them need what I have. So, why do they abandon me like a baby on the church doorstep? Odds are, your pages have one or more of these seven fatal flaws. Here’s a very valuable infographic from the fine folks at […]


Watch My Book In 10 Minutes – Read It For Me Preview

Robert Cialdini wrote a book that has helped me write better, develop effective offers and generate more revenue for my company and my customers. I recommend the book frequently. In fact, you may be one of the people I recommended it to. But what if I hadn’t read it? Even though it changed the way […]

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3 Must Have Tools for Those Who Depend on Google Analytics [AUDIO]

The staff was assembled, the stage was set. Representatives from every department plus some of the big brass were sitting around the long conference table. I was about to present the data that showed how successful my marketing campaigns had been for the past month. This was important, because it had been like pulling teeth […]

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Chinwag Psych Conference Presentation – Getting Past the Bouncers in our Brains

I have to admit, I was a little more nervous than usual presenting in front of an audience of psychologist-marketers. You’ll see what I mean in the video. Why would a Conversion Scientist be invited to speak at a Psych conference? Because our testing is designed to tell us things about your visitors that they […]

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4 Test Insights on Pop Up Landing Pages and Mobile Forms

Megan Lueders, VP of Marketing at LifeSize walks us through some tests they’ve done on pop-over landing pages and mobile forms. Here are the key learnings from her presentation at Which Test Won: The Live Event. CLICK TO ENLARGE Captured Live. See more Instagraphs.

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Nine Articles to Advance Your Conversion Knowledge

My book is designed to begin a journey. It’s a journey that ends with you being better online. This journey ends with more cred for you, more sales for your business and more sanity in general. Some of our more advanced articles are over on The Conversion Scientist blog. There are over 200 articles there […]

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Scarcity and Optimization: The Monopoly Web Page Strategy

Monopoly is the quintessential game of American capitalism. For better or worse, it focuses the player on one goal: maximizing the number of dollars in your pile. Everyone has their own strategy and their preferred properties to own and build. Your little sister may only buy properties if she likes the color. Excellent monopoly players learn […]

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