How to be a Statistically Significant Marketer [Audio]

When you start asking good questions about your statistical significance as a marketer, you’ve got a winning combination that will begin to lead you to meaningful results.

So, what are a couple of good questions that you can use to help you become statistically significant as a digital marketer?

Question 1: Are the results I’m seeing from my online marketing telling me what really happened?

Question 2: Are these results “good” enough to predict what will happen in the future?

The answer comes in a two-part series entitled .

Part 1: 2 Questions That Will Make You A Statistically Significant Marketer Find the audio here.

Part 2: Be A Statistically Significant Marketer (Part 2)


Brian tackles these challenging questions by introducing us to three characters involved in life-like scenarios that will seem all too familiar to some of us.

Finally, he ends with the question that every marketer has to continually ask at every step along the way: What do I do next based on the results I am seeing?

Here’s another solid question you can ask yourself: “Self, is it worth 15 minutes of my time to find out how to begin asking the right questions in my marketing efforts?” We’re going to help you out here and encourage you to go with a resounding “YES” on that one.

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