Your Customer Creation Equation Gets Reviewed, And More!

It’s always great hearing from happy customers that are reaping the benefits of Your Customer Creation Equation. We’ve received emails, tweets, blog posts, and pictures from many colleagues, clients, customers and friends that are seeing tremendous results from the book. It warms our hearts!

However, we have something really special we want to share today. Kathryn Aragon (one of the biggest brains over at Crazy Egg) was kind enough to write an amazing review on Your Customer Creation Equation. She lays out the basic principles of the conversion, and gives a great overview of what it means for you and your business.

K aragon screenshot
Just a taste of Kathryn’s great review.


She makes Brian sound pretty darn smart. And let’s be honest; usually the lab coat does most of the work.

Please take a minute to check out her awesome review. We’re thrilled to have her support!