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Austin, Texas: The Conversion Capital of the World [SlideShare]

In case you have not heard, Austin announced themselves as “The Conversion Capital of the World” this past February. Much to the dismay of Vancouver and surprisingly, the mayor of Sochi, Anatoly Pakhomov, who flat out denies Austin’s existence altogether. Who knew so many people would be up in arms over what is obviously a tried and true proclamation.  I know, you are thinking, […]

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What Is The One Thing That Keeps Searchers From Converting On Your Site?

There is an insidious voice speaking to your visitors from the moment they click through to your site. It camps in the back of their minds, setting up a tent and proceeding to talk your visitors out of taking action. While there are many angles this voice can work to fill visitors with doubt, there […]

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A Lesson in Website Optimization from the Conversion Scientist

What is Website Optimization? Website Optimization is the science of finding more online revenue without paying to get more visitors.  Where do you start? Get out your spy kits and start assessing your competitors sites. If you want, you can use a tool like Ghostery to see if your competitors have installed analytic and testing tools. […]

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Maximizing Webinar Registration Conversion Rates

Webinars are powerful lead generators. A webinar attendee has raised their hand as a potential prospect better qualified than most of your other leads. Webinar attendees have a problem that you solve. Webinar attendees are willing to spend 30, 45, or 60 minutes to solve that problem. Webinar attendees are often further along in the […]
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The Battle for Your Marketing Dollars: Email vs. Social Media

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In my book, I define several kinds of “marketing batteries,” two of which are the “Subscriber Battery” and the “Social Battery.” Marketing batteries store attention, and are charged through your online properties. Your email list is your subscriber battery and your friends, followers and fans are charge your social batteries. The subscriber battery can pack […]

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Scientific Advertising by Founding Conversion Scientist Claude Hopkins

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Is it possible that this book was written in 1923? Is it possible that a book written before the depression is the foundational work for those of us optimizing our online businesses? Yes, it is possible and true. Before the Internet, there was Scientific Advertising by Claude Hopkins. It’s a brief, clear and even motivating […]

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What Form of Form Will Get You More Conversions?

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What’s the big deal with forms? They have fields. You fill out the fields and you get something you want. So, why do so many of your visitors fail to fill out your forms? There is some psychology and some science to getting more form fills, whether your trolling for leads or asking your visitors […]

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Using Google Tag Manager: Software Review

Don’t be nervous, IT. Be afraid. Marketing is slowly but surely slipping control of technology from your keyboard-calloused little fingers. Your long release cycles and distrust of marketing technology will no longer be tolerated. The newest tool in marketers’ control is Google Tag Manager, and it is a powerful tool for marketers, if used right. […]

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Getting Our First Book Published: The Stories Behind the Stories

In South Austin, just a few miles from the new airport lies Patsy’s Cowgirl Cafe. Even in a Texas town, this is the kind of place that makes you look twice. The smart and amiable Joe Pulizzi sat across from me separated by his plate of migas and my chicken fried steak marinating in cream […]

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The Business Porn Crackdown

You may not even know it, but your website could be flooded with porn. No, not that kind (dirty mind). I’m talking about “business porn.” What exactly is “business porn?” It’s all that irrelevant stock photography that is supposed to bring a corporate edge to your website. So cover your eyes, because you see it […]

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