Eat it #26! OMI’s Top 40 Digital Strategists List

I just received an email that I’m really excited to share:

“The Online Marketing Institute has officially released their list of the ‘Top 40 Digital Strategists’ leading the industry, and they are thrilled to include you, and your advice for 2013.”

Alphabetically, we’re at #25 on the OMI list with some brilliant leaders in the digital strategy field. I’ve had the opportunity to get to know many of them, and they are definitely the cream of the crop.

And, any list that puts the likes of Scott Brinker and Joe Pulizzi in the honorable mention category is clearly less than scientific. Joe, Scott, my advice is to buy OMI’s Aaron Kahlow a cooler full of steaks before next year’s list is published.

Nonetheless, it feels great to have your work recognized.

Check out the entire list of winners.

If you want to know how smart these folks really are, read their top advice.

Thanks again to OMI for the honor. I am…. well….. honored.