Unsolicited Website Advice from Four Authors #1 [VIDEO]

I don’t know why I look like I’ve got a stomach ache in this video. Nonetheless, the content is very helpful to anyone who wants their website to help them build their business.

Learn something about webites that work from four online marketing authors (including yours truly).

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11 Replies to “Unsolicited Website Advice from Four Authors #1 [VIDEO]”

  1. Brian,
    Thanks so much for sharing this on the blog!
    Sorry you look like you have a stomach ache… that’s my bad.
    The next episode, we’ll ramp up the editing and post-production (as well as production values.)
    Thanks again,

    1. I don’t think any post-production magic would have helped in this case. I’ll just need to turn on my video face.

  2. Very informative and entertaining! We do something similar here in lovely Santa Barbara, CA every week — we host a meetup and do a presentation each week on a different topic, and then do a little live optimization/marketing strategy. Business owners love it!

    1. Hey, let’s all go to Santa Barbara for the next one! I love Santa Barbara almost as much as Santa Claus.

  3. You made me feel foolish for taking marketing strategy so seriously. I enjoyed your presentation and what I took away from it was Laughter and awesome pointers. Although I’m more of a dog and horse kind of person I didn’t find the cats offensive!

    1. Beverly, we are in a business in which feeling foolish seems to be the norm. The only cure is an occasional laugh, especially at ourselves. Thanks for the comment.

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