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Let The Conversion Scientist Show You How To Get the Results You Need From Your Website

OK, I’ll admit it. I HAD to read Brian’s book. When I worked at Content Marketing Institute,  I was the Book Marketing Manager in their amazing Book Division. Brian is easy to promote. He is brilliant. He is dedicated and enthusiastic about the work that he does for his clients. He is eccentric. He IS […]

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An Insider’s View on Visual Marketing – Get Your Own Gimmick

For The Conversion Scientist, it is very simple: Create a hook and use it everywhere.  Speaking engagements, your website, your social media profiles, webinars, podcasts, the movies, grocery shopping. Well, maybe not everywhere. Brian Massey devised an inventive way to exaggerate the serious nature of his business without compromising its integrity. With science on the […]

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Free for Readers: Pendulum Fundamentals Program

In 2007, I attended one of the most amazing presentations I’ve ever seen. The presenter was storied ad-man Roy H. Williams. The topic was “The Pendulum.” In the forty-five minutes or so of his presentation, he took us on a journey through the past eighty years. His sign-posts were pop music, literature and art. The […]

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Donation Throw-down: Social Media vs. Traditional Media with Lon Safko

Tomorrow is the day. Finally a pledge-week special for those of us that need some social guidance. Chopra, Orman, Dyer and now Lon Safko. The KAET AZPBS Schedule for Pledge Week.   Believe it or not, KAET AZPBS does not do an online version of their specials during their key fundraising times. We are changing […]

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Brian Massey, Beyond the Lab Coat [AUDIO]

The original Conversion Scientist sat down with host of the Big Value Big Business podcast, James Lynch, to discuss everything from how he makes a terrible employee, to finding your own gimmick, to the inter-workings of a conversion scientist. Some highlights from the interview include: Brian spends a great deal of his time, helping businesses transform […]

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Don’t Neglect the User Experience of Webinar Marketing

This is a guest post by Nis Frome. Content marketers regularly rank webinars above blogging, white papers, and social media with regard to demand generation effectiveness and efficiency. In 2013 and 2014, the Content Marketing Institute reported webinars as second only to case studies in terms of digital marketing effectiveness. But often webinar marketing is […]

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Smart, Fun Marketing Gear at Buyschtuff

The New York Times reports that, when you’re wearing a white lab coat, you’re ability to solve problems and pay attention increases. But how can a marketer or business owner justify wearing a lab coat? Well, if it’s a digital marketers lab coat — like we wear at Conversion Sciences — no one can object. Buyschtuff is a store dedicated […]

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Austin, Texas: The Conversion Capital of the World [SlideShare]

In case you have not heard, Austin announced themselves as “The Conversion Capital of the World” this past February. Much to the dismay of Vancouver and surprisingly, the mayor of Sochi, Anatoly Pakhomov, who flat out denies Austin’s existence altogether. Who knew so many people would be up in arms over what is obviously a tried and true proclamation.  I know, you are thinking, […]

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What Is The One Thing That Keeps Searchers From Converting On Your Site?

There is an insidious voice speaking to your visitors from the moment they click through to your site. It camps in the back of their minds, setting up a tent and proceeding to talk your visitors out of taking action. While there are many angles this voice can work to fill visitors with doubt, there […]

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A Lesson in Website Optimization from the Conversion Scientist

What is Website Optimization? Website Optimization is the science of finding more online revenue without paying to get more visitors.  Where do you start? Get out your spy kits and start assessing your competitors sites. If you want, you can use a tool like Ghostery to see if your competitors have installed analytic and testing tools. […]

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