Nine Articles to Advance Your Conversion Knowledge

Conversion Scourse

My book is designed to begin a journey. It’s a journey that ends with you being better online. This journey ends with more cred for you, more sales for your business and more sanity in general.

Some of our more advanced articles are over on The Conversion Scientist blog. There are over 200 articles there covering all aspects of conversion-focused marketing.

I’ve picked nine that I think you should read. And we’ve added an incentive to get you through these nine articles and make things a little fun. We even included several audio selections for your commute to work.

Each time you read or listen, you will collect points. Collect enough points and earn a badge.

Earn your Ph.D. in Conversion Awesomization, we’ll give you a special prize.

Three Levels of Learning

We have nine articles organized into three levels of learning. You can earn four badges you can earn.

The Student Badge is awarded when you sign up to start collecting points. You don’t want to stay at the Student level. It means you haven’t really done anything.
The Undergrad Badge signifies that you’ve completed the basic level of content (basic for a Rocket Scientist, maybe).

  • Copy that makes visitor stick.
  • Six email superstitions holding you back.
  • The four people who come to your site every day.
The Master Badge signifies that you’ve completed the basic level of content (basic for a Rocket Scientist, maybe).

  • Persuasive copy that converts.
  • The math of marketing.
  • Pushing past content marketing barriers.
The Ph.D. Badge signifies that you’ve injected all nine articles into your ever-swelling brain and you qualify for a free site review with a Conversion Scientist.

  • Writing test hypotheses.
  • Creating landing pages that convert.
  • Getting past the bouncers in our brains.

Now is the time to start. You will get your Student Badge and 100 points just for signing up. Within a few days, you will be a Ph.D. in Conversion Awesomization.