Brainfluence Interviews The Conversion Scientist

Roger Dooley covers some of the most fascinating and mysterious topics in the world of communication in his book, blog and podcast.

Last month, Roger and I talked about some of the ways that human psychology confounds our best intentions and derails common sense. We recorded it for the Brainfluence Podcast and you’ll enjoy this¬†engaging interview.


From This Episode of the Brainfluence Podcast

  • What a Conversion Scientist is.
  • How to earn the trust of your potential customers.
  • The counter-intuitive way to generate more telephone calls.
  • Why we spend too much time telling people what we offer and not enough time on their needs.
  • The 2 reasons why Brian always wears his trademark lab coat.
  • Why Brian says that most designers are going to give you well-meaning, but altogether bad, advice.



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