Are You Missing Massive Opportunities with Inbound Calls?

After your company has spent marketing dollars to drive inbound calls to your doorstep, the worst thing that can happen is to have your sales team deal with those leads ineffectively. It’s like fumbling the ball on the 5-yard line, and it equates to dollars down the toilet.

It would take a nauseating number of hours to individually monitor these sales calls in order to identify the weak points and missed opportunities that need to be addressed. That approach is just not reasonable. Even it were possible, the odds of compiling the resulting data in a way that would actually be helpful and usable are slim to none.

So what can you do to address the problem and avoid wasted marketing dollars?

One option: Find an automated solution that marries the latest in voice recognition technology with thousands of algorithms that can analyze the words, phrases and contexts and pinpoint where you are missing out on opportunities and exactly who you should follow up with to boost your conversion rates.

And yes, this technology does exist.

The infographic below lays out the results, and lessons learned, from analyzing a full quarter of inbound calls with this remarkable technology. Invaluable information for any company to get their hands on.

Biggest takeaway for us? Asking for the business on a sales call resulted in conversion rates 10.4 times higher than when not asking for business. Go figure.

Our thanks go out to for their work on this great infographic and on the full data analysis of inbound calls that came in through their remarkable system during Q2 2014.


LogMyCalls infographic-Q2-call-report