Let My Book Teach You About Conversion

Finally a book that lays things out for website managers.

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Why Read Your Customer Creation Equation?

This is a book for those who manage a business website, not just for those who work on business websites.

It will tell you if your team is doing the right things to deliver results.

It will arm you with the important questions — and answers — to ask to ensure you are building a website that delivers leads, sales or subscribers.

I use valuable metaphors to help shatter the misconceptions you may have about what makes a website work.

  • Why should you setup tripwires on your site? Chapter 5
  • How do you save advertising dollars in marketing batteries?  Chapter 7
  • What is business porn and is it on your site? Chapter 6
  • How do you attach homing beacons to your content to
    measure ROI? Chapter 5
  • Does your checkout process have good or bad cholesterol? Chapter 9
  • Why would you build your landing pages backwards? Chapter 8
  • How do you make your blog erupt like a volcano? Chapter 6

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